Colourful Copenhagen

Colourful Copenhagen


It's been a while since I last posted (as usual), but in-between work and doing spells of my uni project I thought I'd give a little update on how I'm finding Copenhagen. I can't believe I've been here 3 months already!

To celebrate, I've put together a list of the most colourful places to see in Copenhagen, which wasn't hard to do. Colourfully-painted streets are everywhere, as many of the cities' buildings are made even prettier with traditional Nordic colours. You never have to go far to spot an amazing place, but these are a few of my favourites...


A pretty blue Nyhavn building and a 7-11 slushie to match.

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Copenhagen is Nyhavn, the brightly-painted waterfront constructed as early as 1670. I'd definitely recommend a wander down the harbour if you're coming to Copenhagen, as it's full of history, bars and restaurants, and Hans Christian Andersen even lived in two of the buildings. It's also really central, so from here you can easily walk into the middle of the city and go shopping, or go over the bridge into Christiania.

At the moment there's also an art installation along Nyhavn by Ai WeiWei. Installed on the UN's International Refugee Day, Soleil Levant consists of over 3,500 life jackets worn by refugees arriving on the Greek island of Lesbos, and draws attention to the current humanitarian situation throughout the world.

You can also hop on a really interesting boat tour that goes round to visit Andersen's Little Mermaid, which is another must-see, along with the many canals, palaces and listed buildings the tour will show you round.

Palads Teatret

me lookin fly

Stairs image via  Contemporary Art Daily.

Another colourful place to see is Palads Teatret (Palace Theatre), painted in 1988 by Poul Gernes, a Danish artist and graphic designer whose work is super bright and fun.

After having lived in London right before moving here, I'm noticing a lot of differences in lifestyle. Even the thought of cycling to work instead of having to run for the bus and tube makes me feel more relaxed, and the way of life here seems a lot less hectic, which is definitely good for me.

Using a bike to get around is so fun, and there's nothing better on a sunny day than to explore the city by cycling round all the little side streets. (Biking isn't so fun on a night out though, as we're all covered in bruises...)

Overall, Copenhagen is an amazing city and actually rated one of the best places to live in the world (it's not hard to see why)!
I love living here, and that's without even considering the many chilled days we've had lazing in the parks that surround our accommodation, or intern trips to the beach when it gets really warm... Though today it is chucking it down and while the weather is very English in that respect, I'm still missing the Lakes!

Thanks for reading!
Indy xxx

Moving to Copenhagen!

Moving to Copenhagen!

I've just moved to Copenhagen for my next fashion design internship with Anne Sofie Madsen (their stuff is amazing!), with one of my closest friends, Anya.

We flew in on Thursday night and after having a nightmare trying to sort out accommodation, we booked an Airbnb to stay in that morning before we set off to the airport - this is how organised we are...

Travelling just before the weekend was a good idea, as it gives us a couple of days to get used to our surroundings before we start work (a must-do when moving abroad). Here's the lowdown on our first day of exploring our new city.

The amazing architecture of the oldest building in Copenhagen - the Stock Exchange Building, built in 1640. I love the spiral tower, it reminds me of a unicorn's horn! The city is full of beautiful old buildings alongside more contemporary architectural designs, so there's always something inspiring to look up at.

Saying my goodbyes right before I set off to the airport. I'm going to miss my family loads after seeing them for just a few days throughout this whole year, but my internship year is a fab opportunity that allows me to get some much-needed experience in such a fast-paced industry.

Our last-minute Airbnb for the two weeks before our student accommodation is ready is fab, and we couldn't ask for a better place to stay. It's covered in fairy lights and pretty little decorative features, plants and lamps; nobody does interiors better than the Danes.

Colourful, cool street art is everywhere, and we also found some really interesting shots of Earth from space, teamed with little explanations! You wouldn't find this kind of stuff in London...

A colourful little side street found in the centre of the city.

We stumbled upon this cute little pizza restaurant, called Gorm's. The interior was lovely and relaxing, full of candles, foodie books and stripped-back wooden tables. I can tell I'm going to love the whole concept of 'hygge' while I'm here - everything's so chilled and cosy.

We had the 'Denny Special,' an unusual signature pizza by Gorm's, with mozzarella, thin potato slices, rosemary, goats cheese and truffle oil. Potato's not ordinarily something I'd expect on a pizza, but it was thoroughly enjoyed in the restaurant's nice, warm setting, paired with a coffee (and a beer)!

I've also been learning some Danish on my free Duolingo app, and trying to get the hang of it... I'd highly recommend the app, it's easy to use and the activities make languages so quick to learn. Everyone speaks English here, but I feel it's an amazing opportunity to learn a new language in practice.

So that was our first day in Copenhagen - we got a bit of exploring done, while trying not to be ran over by bikes... Bikes are everywhere here, it seems like there's more bikes than people. It's such a good way to get around the city, as each road has a designated bike path that looks a bit like a wider pavement. We can't wait to get our own, it's such an eco-friendly way of getting around and the city is carefully designed with biking in mind.

I'll be posting updates of how settling in and exploring goes, maybe along with some of the updates I promised from my visits around London's exhibitions and shows!

Tak for læsning!

London Life...

London Life...

Hi guys!

This post comes a bit late with me having been super busy in London, keeping up with a second job on top of my thoroughly enjoyed internship with Parka London. I started the placement back in January as part of my Fashion Design and Marketing course at Northumbria, and couldn't have asked for a better experience for my first time working in industry!

I started off doing marketing work, from writing for Parka Journal - Parka London's lifestyle blog, well worth a read if you're into art exhibitions, city break guides and how to work the classic tomboy style - to putting together branding packs and taking photographs for the blog. The team got started on design for the upcoming season later on in my internship, where I was researching trend, creating moodboards, attending fit meetings and designing outerwear and doing technical drawings.

Image: TimeOut

Living in London brought about a very different kind of lifestyle, as being from the Lake District means I'm used to rolling hills and being surrounded by greenery and sheep. It's a fab place where there's always something going on, and I do think living independently in such a busy city has helped with my 'trying to adult' situation. I also had the privilege of sharing a flat with two of my good friends from uni, so we went exploring on the weekends, and met some great people along the way!

I've now moved out of the city and I'm spending a week at home for Easter with family, which gives me chance to post and update on my three months down south. I'll miss being in the centre of everything happening, always with something to do like exciting exhibitions and shows, but being home is a much welcomed change!

I'll be gradually posting about my adventures around London, from visiting museums to working London Fashion Weekend as part of my internship, along with working on my latest uni design project while I'm on placement year. I know it's late, but I finally have the chance to get some blogging done and don't want to miss out on sharing my experiences! :)

Thanks for reading, and keep posted for updates!

Moving to London!

Moving to London!

Hi guys!

I haven't posted on here in a while - the past three months at uni have been very hectic, with loads of work to do alongside securing placements for my internship year.

I've also been busy moving out of my flat in Newcastle to spend a lovely Christmas at home, before moving to London to begin my fashion internship!
I had to limit my excessive hoarding habits to just a couple of suitcases, as me and Robbie were getting the train down. We somehow managed to get first class tickets that were cheaper than standard class! A long journey just isn't as much fun without free G&Ts and lots of food.

It was hard to leave family, as is always the case after a fab Christmas, so I've spent ages trying to make my room feel cosy and homely. Living with my friends who are also doing internships, Cat and Anya, further helps alleviate the homesickness, and we've been exploring the area together. Robbie had to go back home yesterday but he's been great at making me feel comfortable here (and helping carry my shopping!), and I'm really happy with my room and our cute little flat!

Despite trying to travel light, I managed to shove enough things in my suitcases to decorate my room a bit. Fairy lights took priority, as they always manage to make a space look much cosier! I've got three sets up on my wall now and they're so pretty.

Anya found this adorable unicorn thing in Poundland(!) and I had to have it. I think it's an earring holder, but typically, I've forgotten to bring all my jewellery - maybe this is an excuse to buy some...

My room isn't massive so shelves make it easier to store things. I wasn't able to bring toooo much anyway - but I made sure to pack the Fjällräven bag and Adidas shoes Robbie got me for Christmas! 

My bedside table, which I'm sure won't stay as tidy and clutter-free for long.

Our cute patio will be perfect for chilling at night when the weather gets a bit warmer! For now though, being able to feel my face when I'm outside is a massive improvement on how cold it was up North.

I'm not sure how long I'll be in London for, as I have another internship in Copenhagen later in the year - but I do love it here! I'm so excited to start my placement tomorrow, I've spent the day trying to be organised, making myself a packed lunch and getting everything ready for the morning.

I'll definitely be posting more frequently from now. I say this every time, but it can be one of my resolutions...
In the meantime, I hope you've all had a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

October Birchbox Review

October Birchbox Review

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted, as life is always really hectic in September. I managed to squeeze in another holiday before moving back to university, while sorting my portfolio alongside applying for internships and doing lots of research for new projects meant my blog wasn't always at the front of my mind!
Upon receiving the October Birchbox, however, I decided I had to do a (belated) review of both the box and my thoughts on the whole subscription service itself.

I've been a Birchbox subscriber for over two years now, and I've always loved having boxes delivered - they always surprise me with fab products to try out and even some full sized ones, with cult beauty brands often included such as Benefit, Spectrum Collections and Lord & Berry. They even send occasional lifestyle products, like bars of chocolate (!), This Works sprays and colourful photo holders - perfect for placing around my uni bedroom. I love that they do this, providing stuff for everyday life rather than just limiting themselves to the constraints of beauty products. The boxes themselves (or drawers, more recently!) are always handy and have really cool ideas - I've had boxes before that can be coloured in for competitions, or scratched away to reveal cool patterns with pennies, like scratchcards.

The theme for this month's Birchbox is Star Signs. As a Virgo (ignoring all recent news surrounding the introduction of Ophiuchus), I was sent the Earth box. I am not usually a fan of green, but Birchboxes are always beautifully designed and this one actually glows in the dark!

Lord & Berry

Maxi Matte Crayon Lipstick in Intimacy

This lipstick crayon was the full-sized product included in this month's box, worth £12.
It's a dark-rose shade with a matte finish, and I was looking forward to using this as I know from experience that Lord & Berry's lip products are great. I love matte lip pencils as they seem to have longer staying-power than lipsticks, though I always thought this was due to their heavy, drying texture. This 'crayon', however, has longevity and a creamy consistency, making it much more wearable in winter months when lips are prone to becoming dry. I'm sure I'll be using this a lot, as it's such a pretty shade too!


Stylist Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray

As an extremely busy student that doesn't even own a hairdryer, I always keep an emergency stash of Batiste's amazing dry shampoo, which I find very volumising as it always gives hair a much-needed boost. I have tried this hairspray before and it too has worked wonders! The one thing I would say (from my incredibly naive point of view) is that the bottle should warn that it is actually a dry shampoo hairspray - I somehow expected an ordinary one, though it turned the top of my hair white and did actually seem harder to rub in! Despite this, it did volumise and make hair more stylable, so I'd always recommend Batiste products.

Doux Me

Pure Spring Mist

The most disappointing product in the box - this is literally water in a spray can. Not even joking, I tasted it too. Directions for use state that you should spray it on the face or body, however I'd probably advise against the face option unless you aren't wearing makeup. The Birchbox website actually says it can be used as a setting spray, though I'm not sure how this works as I imagine it would be more likely to leave a streaming mascara effect. The only time I can see this being of any use is during summer, as it is slightly cooling - like the other forms of water you don't have to waste £16 on...


Hammam Body Mud

This purifying body scrub is enriched with a refreshing eucalyptus scent and Rhassoul clay that can be used as a body mask to remove dead skin cells. I love the whole idea behind the Rituals ethos and how their products are inspired by ancient Eastern traditions and the use of fragrance. Aromatherapy has always intrigued me and Rituals focus on this as a way in which to relax and create your own mood-boosting 'rituals'.

Number 4

Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil

I have received quite a few Number 4 products from Birchbox so far, and can say that their various hair oils, sprays and serums always work well on repairing my hair. Their packaging is always pleasingly minimalist and fits well in any bathroom. I have used this a few times recently, as I have just gone white-blonde, and it definitely makes my hair much more manageable, tamed and shiny! I am always careful while using oils but I have even used small parts of this one towards the top of my hair and it still hasn't looked greasy or over-oily.


Eyebrow Brush

I haven't actually used this yet, as I expect it will work just as any other ordinary eyebrow brush does. One of the things I like about Birchbox though is how they do often include their own useful products, and these can be anything from pretty gold and ribbon bracelets (as I received in September), to handy little mirrors and pencil sharpeners.

Overall, I love this box as much as I do all the others I receive. The range of products included mean I very rarely have to go shopping for makeup or beauty essentials, as I have a huge stash of sample shampoos, foundations, mascaras and blushers that could last me a lifetime.

One of my new favourite things about Birchbox is how they have recently redesigned their boxes so they can now be conveniently stacked on top of one another rather than just having removable lids. I have always used my boxes to store various things such as fabric paints, beads, Pritt stick collections and even Polaroid photos, so finding that my last few boxes have arrived in a 'drawer' style has made me so pleased! I now store boxes on my desk, pulling out each drawer as I need to use it rather than having to disrupt a whole shelf so I can find something as small as a washi tape.

I'd highly recommend subscribing to Birchbox, as it's always something I look forward to receiving each month. It's not priced too highly considering the range of generously-sized samples and full-sized products included, not to mention how each box purchased and reviewed goes towards points to spend in the Birchbox shop.
If you subscribe using this link, you will receive 50% off your first box as well as £5 to spend on cult beauty products!

What's your favourite thing about Birchbox?
Thanks for reading,

Graze Box Review

Graze Box Review

I'm a big fan of subscription boxes - I've been a Birchbox subscriber for over two years now, and love how everything I receive is like a self-gifted surprise! I have tried the Graze box before and loved it, but I thought I'd order another one to see if I want to become a full-time subscriber.

My first box included:

Banana Protein Flapjack

I didn't enjoy this flapjack as much as the other snacks, simply because I don't really like banana-flavoured things. I'll be putting this in my snack 'bin' on the website, as you can choose what you like, love, dislike and really want to try! I have since received other versions of the Graze flapjack, such as the lemon one, and loved them!

Herby Bread Basket

This was my favourite snack out of the whole box - I much prefer savoury to sweet foods so these were perfect for me and tasted amazing, with garlic, basil and oregano flavours. 

Triple Berry Smoothie

This one was very much enjoyed. I love all things fruity, so I had this one morning for breakfast and it was surprisingly filling! I was a bit put off by the idea of dried banana, but they did go well with the rest of the fruits so I can't complain.

Vanilla and Almond Protein Yoghurt Topper

I haven't yet tried this one, but I'm sure it will be lovely. I'm not a massive yoghurt eater but have since received another of these snacks in the post. I need to sort myself out and take advantage of the bin / try / like / love system on the website!

I love that everything Graze offers is healthy and interesting, with lots of protein and vitamin-rich options. All packaging is recyclable and biodegradable too, so they're very conscious about environmental issues.

The sizing of the Graze box is great; the plastic pots are perfect for keeping in your bag as a quick lunch snack, and nothing needs to be refrigerated so you can store them anywhere. The box itself fits nicely through the standard letterbox - a must for busy people, as you don't have to be home when it's delivered! Portion sizes are controlled by the brand's nutritionist, and are big enough to leave you feeling full and satisfied.

The boxes are only £3.99 - as a student, they're a really handy way to get healthy and affordable treats delivered, meaning you won't have to resort to having ice cream or something equally ridiculous as a midnight snack. If the Variety Box isn't your thing, Graze offer a range of other choices, from a Light (calorie aware) box to an Aromatic Broths box! There's also a shop selling ingredients from the bag, sharing bags and multipacks.

Have you tried the Graze box before? Which are your favourite snacks?
If you haven't yet subscribed, you can get your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes free here!


Benefit: Do The Hoola Review

Benefit: Do The Hoola Review

I recently ordered a Benefit kit with my Birchbox points. After wanting to try the Hoola bronzer a few times, but not wanting to splash out on the full-sized product in case it was the wrong shade, I decided to go for the 'Do The Hoola' box.

It comes with a good range of popular products to try, so this kit is a great idea for if you're not 100% sure about buying something!

The products are reviewed in order of swatches from top to bottom.

Hoola Bronzer

Dubbed as the UK's best-selling bronzer, Hoola is a natural-looking shade and you don't need to use too much of the powder to make a difference. I really liked this, as it wasn't orange at all and blended in with the rest of my makeup easily. It comes with a tiny version of the flat bronzing brush - this is really soft but did have a few bristles come loose. As this was the only downside to an otherwise amazing product, I'll definitely be buying the actual thing!

Dew The Hoola

One of Benefit's latest releases, this version of the Hoola bronzer is in liquid rather than powder form and aims to give a dewy look. When sampling this, it was quite orange and watery so I struggled to blend it in, though I may have used too much product. Due to this, I'm a bit wary of using it on my face - I'm happy enough with the powder version, and think I'll save this one to use on a day where I don't have to leave the house!


Okay, so I know this is a lip tint but I very rarely wear this kind of colour on my lips, so I tried it on my cheeks. I'm supposing it's meant to be similar to the Benetint, so I may have to buy that as it left a really nice pinkish colour that finished off my makeup nicely. I've never actually used blusher before, but it's definitely something I'll carry on using as I was pleasantly surprised when finding this actually looked okay!

Ultra Plush in Hoola

I'm not a huge fan of lipgloss, as I find it unbearably sticky and often just irritating. This one smells lovely and wasn't too sticky, though it did rub off rather easily. The shade is really nice, and did look good with the glow given by the other products in the box, but the small version is enough for me!

They're Real! Mascara in Barely Black

I've always gone for ultra-black mascaras wherever possible, so I never thought a Barely Black one would make much of an impact. It definitely did though! I do have quite long lashes naturally, but they're almost blonde in colour so I'm always looking for a mascara that catches them all. This one worked wonders, was easy to apply and has kept my lashes looking long all day. Definitely another product on my must-have list.

Thanks for reading! What are your favourite Benefit products?
Indy ♥